img Testimonials

"Associate involvement, Management involvement, Social events, discipline, visualization, kaizen, SPC and overall facility is impressive, lean line design, parts movement systems are impressive".

Mr. Axel Widmann / Director - Purchase & Logistics / Robert Bosch - GMBH / 27.03.12

"Good 5S, Positive interaction between management & production employees".

Mr. Tony Hensley / CP/ ASD2 - NA Consultant / Rober Bosch CLC / 27.03.12

"Good shop floor management practices, effective implementation of daily tracking system, Thank you".

Mr. RoquetIngrial / Executive Manufacturing / Robert Bosch / 27.04.2012

"Impressive, very good manufacturing quality practices and housekeeping, Good to see that the management team is interactive & keen on new business".

Mr. Mahesh Eswar / Senior process engineer / Dover India Pvt.Ltd / 31.01.12.

"A very good facility where true QVC philosophy is practiced and I was impressed with the technology & process controls used"

Mr. Nigel Cordier / Programme Manager - India Location / Delphi TVS - DS / 17.10.11

"Committed team, good quality, high volume machining work done very well"

Mr. Ravichandran / Vice president / Delphi TVS - DS / 19.01.12

"Thank you so much for sharing the world class manufacturing facility, People-process-systems, in all these three areas you are good and i am sure we will work together"

Mr. Sivaraman / GM- Production engineering / Delphi TVS - DS/ 12.08.11

"Impressive manufacturing site, good management approach"

Dr. F. Folz / Senior vice president / Robert bosch / 01.04.11

"Facilities are good, online controls, SPC is good, Organization is good, Looking forward for long term relationship"

Mr. Christoph Fischer / Director – Industrial Engineering / Ixetic GMBH Germany / 28.01.11

"Very enthusiastic e team doing a passionate work, seems to be highly motivated work force, very impressive growth rate. keep up the good work"

Mr. Ashok Belle / Managing Director / Novellus Systems (India) Pvt Ltd / 11.08.08

"Nice people, Excellent and impressive quality & process planning with attention to details. Good potential to become a long term supplier to us"

Mr. Danny Lane / Purchase director / Integrated Hydraulics / 06.08.08

"Excellent quality level, high standard in poka - yoke solutions. Very motivated and skilled people, good luck for the future"

Mr. Dieter Scholer / Director Purchasing / Bosch – Homburg plant / 15.07.08

"Very clean, excellent process methods in the shop floor, impressive, low cost, high tech high volume example of Indian vendor"

Mrs. Kumkum C. Dalal / President / Global reach consulting inc / 12.10.07

"Good organization, focus on quality, 5S and poka - yoke, right measures to get down rejections to zero ppm, good luck for future business with us"

Mr. Walter Wenk / Director Purchasing / Bosch, Gasoline systems / 10.10.07